The Revd Clay Roundtree, VicarALL SAINTS ACADEMYThe Revd Clay Roundtree has served as the Vicar of Ingleby Barwick for the last 12 years. He is also Chaplain of All Saints Church of England Academy and a Chair of Governors for St Francis of Assisi Church of England Primary.  He’s currently the Group Scout Leader for 1st Ingleby Barwick Scout Group and is the Acting Archdeacon of Cleveland.


The Revd Nik Stevenson, 20s/40s PriestImage may contain: Nik Stevenson, smiling, beardNik is part of the Multiply team of ministers in the Diocese of York and is licensed to St Francis of Assisi, Ingleby Barwick.  His focus is to establish a new worshipping community within the St Francis Church family.


The Revd David Charlton, Asst CurateDF55DE87-C3F7-4A15-9010-82E4B8E2BAFB

From 2016 until Feb 2020, The Revd David Charlton was the Assistant Curate at St Francis Church but has now retired from public ministry and we wish him well in his retirement!