//Pause Cafe Church

Pause has been running for several years and combines discipleship, prayer and being ourselves to support and encourage each other in faith.  We have coined the phrase “Loitering for the Lord” and try hard to be deliberate about that.  We are not a coffee morning; (although we enjoy warm drinks, cakes and toast) we are church.  We invite all who come to share in the Goodness of God; to make space in their lives to meet with church family and, above all, to allow that Pause with God to be a deliberate part of their every day. We all have something to share and so in the simplicity of being available to other people in Jesus’ name, God can be found close by and miraculously active.  We meet together, fully aware that we do not know all the answers and yet we believe securely in the power of prayer and seek to know each other and God better.  We listen and watch for God’s prompts and try to respond.

Pause has been invited to Tesco.  The store staff generously offer us a lovely room, coffee, tea and biscuits in abundance and the warmest welcome. We are very thankful. So once a month, they help us to offer our usual hospitality to strangers and friends alike and allow us to follow Jesus out of comfort into unknown.  We step in faith to say yes to Tesco’s invitation and in doing so, said yes to God’s call.  We were privileged to be part of a wonderful work of God.  Between 9.30 am and 12 noon, God has appointments booked.  We loiter as a motley group of Jesus disciples, willing to serve. How much God will do when we seek him!!

Thank you God for all you have done and are about to do.

You are invited to God’s feast.  The Bible story tells of a rich man who invited all the dignitaries and his friends to a feast.  They all made excuses, too busy, need to do something first.  So the man sends out his servants to bring in the hungry, the poor, the outcast.  They came and feasted with joy and celebration.  The invitation still stands, if we are too busy or have other priorities we will miss the feast.  Have you paused today? Have you responded to God’s generous invitation?  His blessings are immeasurable and he longs to lavish them upon you.  If you are curious about Jesus and would like company on the way, why not try “Pause” either at church or Tesco.

//Pause will return as soon as it is safe to do so.